Packaging (non-licensed)
Mostly packaging inserts for costume products. All templates in this group are solely my own art direction.
Licensed Packaging
Box packaging and insert cards. All files in this group adapted licensed style guides and required approval from licensors.
Photo Editing
Examples of photo processing, manipulation and super imposing. The implemented edits helped to reduce product reshoots.
Textile Design
Seamless repeating design tiles, set up for fabric yardage.
Silkscreen & Sublimation Graphics
Graphics constructed on digitized costume patterns. Most are set up for silk screening, the others for dye sublimation.
Vector Illustrations
Vector illustrations drawn entirely "from scratch" in Adobe Illustrator.
Catalog Covers
Covers of the annual product catalog. PDF of entire current catalog available through Dropbox link.
Ads / Flyers
Promotional magazine ads and marketing flyers
Web Content
Web Headers
Typography Focused
Projects where text is the main design element
Assortment of projects including store window graphics, cardboard display, business cards, event posters, branding, logos & invitations.
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